New release of SI-UBL artefacts, version 2.0.2

We have updated the validation artefacts for SI-UBL 2.0.

There have been no changes in the NLCIUS part of the validation, but we did update the CEN TC 434 rules that validate the EN-16931 rules, and added a fix for a number of errors that should be warnings. The full list of changes can be retrieved here.

This changelist includes an issue we have reported after discussion with one of our members; the artefacts now no longer produce a warning when the UBLVersionID field is used. It does, however, now check that the value is 2.1.

Additionally, we have included some changes that fix potential issues if line level TaxTotal with TaxSubtotal fields are used. The validation still warns against that practice, but it no longer results in a fatal error such as BR-S-08, or any of the equivalent errors for other tax categories. We have submitted this fix to be included in the official CEN rules. These have not been accepted yet, but we are including these preemptively in the SI-UBL 2 validation.

An example of a document that only results in a warning with these changes can be found here.

We request all participants to update their validation XSLT files. The latest version can be downloaded from