Updated Validation Artefacts

We have an update for the SI-UBL validation artefacts ready for release. We have 3 minor fixes for issues found in the NLCIUS-related part of the artefacts, and have updated the CEN-PC 434 artefacts to the latest version (1.2.1). Please note that the changes in the NLCIUS-related part are few, but the updated CEN-PC 434 rules have a lot of issues fixed. These include a number of warnings and errors that were not present before.

The intended release date of the new artefacts (version 2.0.1) is August 1st, 2019, unless there are any objections from the community. If you have objections to this update, please notify us no later than July 16th, so we can update the planning accordingly.

The updates are already available on the master branch, and comprise the following changes:

  • SI-UBL 2.0: Fix in check for rule BR-NL-10: cac:AccountingCustomerParty/cac:Party/cac:PartyLegalEntity/cbc:CompanyID is mandatory if sender and receiver are from the Netherlands. It already checked whether the schemeID was 0106 or 0190 but the test also passed if the element was not present.
  • SI-UBL 2.0: Rewrote the rules for BR-NL-1 and BR-NL-10: As the rules were, it resulted in an XLST error on a document with multiple AccountingSupplierParty/PartyLegalEntity fields. Such documents should result in either a warning UBL-SR-09, UBL-SR-11, UBL-SR-15 or UBL-SR-17, not a total failure.
  • SI-UBL 2.0: Updated the CenPC434 UBL rules from release 1.1.0 to release 1.2.1 (from, commit c750263a to commit 20159a3a), see and for the list of fixed issues.
  • SI-UBL 1.2: Fixed the check for /ubl:Invoice/cac:InvoiceLine/cac:Item/cac:OriginCountry/cbc:IdentificationCode/@listID, which should be ISO3166-1:Alpha2 (the checked value was 3166-1:Alpha2, without the ISO).

The SI-UBL test files have been updated accordingly, and we have updated the validators at and with the upcoming changes.