The Simplerinvoicing Senders Directory

The Simplerinvoicing Sender Directory, a service aimed at publishing trading entities that use Simplerinvoicing and PEPPOL to send invoices, is now open for Simplerinvoicing FULL members, as well as trading entities themselves, who can manage their own data now.

The goal of the service is to have an easy way to check whether parties can send invoices through Simplerinvoicing, and for suppliers and their service providers to publish that information. This provides a convenient way for potential new customers to find out whether the companies they do business with can send them electronic invoices, further stimulating the use of electronic invoicing.

For more information on the purpose of the directory, see the FAQ.

Trading entities that can send electronic invoices can now also register themselves and manage their own data. They can do so by sending a (fake) invoice to the KvK-number 11111111 (8 times 1). An email message is sent to the email address of the supplier in that invoice, containing a link where the user can manage their data in the directory. Please note that the invoice is refused if no email address is present in the invoice. The online documentation contains more information on the full process of managing data for end-users.

SI-Full members can still update their customers’ data in bulk, just as before, but with this new feature, customers that wish to manage their own data, or that are connected through a service provider that does not do this on their behalf, can manage that data themselves.