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Simplerinvoicing has been developed with the needs of governments, schools, universities, hospitals and other public services very much in mind. It is compliant with national and European invoicing regulations, including the highest standards for online security, so that they can use the system to send and receive e-invoices with complete confidence. Simplerinvoicing is supported by several private and public parties to boost adoption!

SIDN –  The company behind .nl

SIDN is responsible for the functional stability and development of the .nl internet domain. There are now more than five million registered .nl domain names and SIDN handles more than a billion search queries every day. SIDN is well respected in the fields of governance and administration, where it operates as an expert partner on technical, legal and policy matters relating to domain names and the domain name infrastructure. From that basis, SIDN is also closely involved with various wider community initiatives, with the emphasis on increasing the security, reliability, openness and accessibility of the internet. Because the internet plays an increasingly important role in the economy and society, SIDN supports various initiatives, through which government, the business community and the scientific community work together to achieve innovation.

SRA –  Network organisation of register Accountants

SRA is a network organisation of 370 independent Dutch accountant offices with 900 locations in total. The organisation of offices links about 20.000 professionals that deliver quality to accountancy, fiscal and legal areas in the MKB-segment (small- and medium-sized enterprises), in line with the SRA-quality label. Over 50% of the MKB-segment orgnizations is client of a SRA office. SRA works closely with other organisations and with the government (Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets, tax authorities and ministries) to create proper prerequisites fo practical laws and regulations. For both MKB-advisers as for their clients.



Ministry of Economic Affairs

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs represents an enterprising Netherlands with a view to sustainability. The Dutch Ministry of economic affairs promotes sustainable entrepreneurship. They are committed to an excellent business climate. By creating the right conditions and by enabling entrepreneurs to innovate and grow. By paying close attention to our natural environment. To encourage cooperation between researchers and entrepreneurs. In order to extend our leading positions in the agricultural, industrial, services and energy sectors and to continue to invest in a strong and sustainable Netherlands.

INNOPAY – Expert in Innovative Payment solutions and Related Transaction Nederland

INNOPAY has proven to be the expert in innovative payment solutions and related transaction services. As an independent consulting firm we aim to improve the transaction services industry in close, open collaboration with stakeholders.


Tickstar – Experts in SOA and integration

Tickstar is an expert in SOA and integration for both EAI (enterprise application integration) and B2B (business to business). It provides products and services which respond to the increasing demand for improved processes between business parties and applications. Tickstar offers IaaS (Integration as a Service), complete solutions and platforms for SOA and integration as well as consulting services.

ECP – Independant Institution and a Public Private Partnership

ECP is an independant institution and a public private partnership. ECP helps to accelerate the creation of conditions on behalf of a trendsetting role for Dutch industry in electronic commerce. Participants in ECP jointly deal with the construction, the design and the exploitation of electronic commerce.