Benefits at a glance

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Benefits at a glance

Universal service

Simplerinvoicing brings electronic invoicing to everyone. With a growing number of industry participants across Europe, we are now on the threshold of e-invoicing for all. Not just the big players, but companies and organisations of all sizes. Even sole traders and consumers.


Simplerinvoicing eliminates the barriers which have previously prevented SMEs from adopting e-invoicing. Without these, there is nothing to stop them submitting large volumes of invoices through your platform.

Competitive advantage

With Simplerinvoicing, any company, organisation or individual sending out invoices can reach all their recipients through a single provider. Likewise, every recipient can channel all their incoming receipts through just one service. In this environment, reach is no longer an issue: it is at or close to 100 per cent. This added value for senders and recipients leads to competitive advantage for you!

Convenience and speed

With e-invoices delivered straight from the sender’s ERP system to the recipient’s, the time, expense and frustration of manual invoicing are a thing of the past. Printing, postage and data entry costs are eliminated, and errors have far less chance to creep in. And for the payee, instant delivery increases the likelihood of rapid settlement.

Cost savings

Join once, connect to all. Once part of the Simplerinvoicing network, from day one you have full access to all participants. There is no need for expensive and time-consuming bilateral bargaining with other providers.


By joining Simplerinvoicing, you integrate with all our participating service providers. Our open standards allow users of your system to deliver their invoices to any other participant. A more attractive proposition for them, which adds value to your product. Without affecting your current systems, procedures or business model.

Easy implementation

Simplerinvoicing is surprisingly easy to implement. Open source components are available to establish connectivity, and there are also cloud-based solutions on the market.

Greater reach

We already offer the largest reach in Europe. Because our standard is simple, easy to introduce and supports industry-specific requirements, with a focus on all relevant ecosystems (ERP and accounting software, e-invoicing service providers, banks and others), we have prepared the ground for mass adoption.

Security and flexibility

Naturally, a secure infrastructure guarantees the optimum level of service. And to reach as many users as possible, the system allows for email invoicing (in XML or PDF format).

A strong brand

Our core proposition is convenience, coupled with maximum reach for the end user. This is presented in such a way that you can build your own unique value proposition around it.