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Which supplier of Simplerinvoicing do I have to choose?

You can choose your own supplier of Simplerinvoicing. Click here for an overview of the suppliers.

Which parties make use of Simplerinvoicing?
Many accounting packages support e-invoicing via Simplerinvoicing or are currently implementing. See if your software is among the participants.

I want an easy way to send and receive invoices. How can I make use of Simplerinvoicing?

By connecting to one of the service providers that are currently active in the network. It is also possible to go to your own software or e-invoice service provider and let them know that you would like to make use of the Simplerinvoicing network. They can then connect to the network, to enable more users to reach the full opportunities of the network.

What is the goal of Simplerinvoicing?

Simplerinvoicing enables companies that already established a footprint in the invoicing process of (micro) SME and corporates, including major accounting software and e-invoicing providers to send invoices to each other. The vision is to make e-invoicing available to anyone.

Which parties can exchange e-invoices with each other?

Any individual or any company, regardless of size, industry and sector can push a button and send an electronic invoice to anybody else. There is no limitation to any person, company or industry, since Simplerinvoicing is for anyone. However the ERP software provider, accounting software provider or the e-invoicing service provider need to be part of Simplerinvoicing.

Can I send invoices to the Dutch Government via Simplerinvoicing

Yes, it is possible to send invoices to the Dutch Government via your ERP / Accounting software or via your e-invoicing service provider, assuming these offer Simplerinvoicing as a service.

It is possible to get insight to the scheme documentation of Simplerinvoicing?

Yes, for more information please fill in our contactform.

What is the role of the government in Simplerinvoicing?

In the Simplerinvoicing model the position of the Dutch government is that they are a trading entity which means that it is possible to send electronic invoices to the government using Simplerinvoicing.

What is Simplerinvoicing?

Simplerinvoicing is a network of cooperating accounting software and e-invoicing service providers that share the common goal of simplifying the processes that go with sending and receiving e-invoices. In short: Everybody can send invoices from his ERP / Accounting software of e-invoicing service provider to anyone else.

Is Simplerinvoicing an e-invoicing service provider?

No. Simplerinvoicing is a set of agreements between e-invoicing service providers and accounting service providers, that enable the exchange of invoices between these parties. Simplerinvoicing is no service provider. You can compare  Simplerinvoicing  with the SMTP protocol in your email, and your ERP software / e-invoicing service provider as a service provider for your email.

What are the priorities for this year?
  • Rolling out Simplerinvoicing towards the majority of ERP, Accounting Software & e-invoicing service providers.
  • Adding other documents in addition to billing, including the purchase order.
  • Adding information on the status of the e-bill.
How is the governance of Simplerinvoicing arranged?

Simplerinvoicing is managed by the Simplerinvoicing Foundation. This foundation aims at promoting e-invoicing by providing a standard for e-invoices and related documents. SIDN is involved in managing Simplerinvoicing since 2015 . In that role we participate at a strategic level and carry out various operational tasks for the Simplerinvoicing Foundation. Simplerinvoicing is advised by a council of participants. It is monitored by the foundation board and the supervisory board.