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This month Roel Crooijmans started as manager Simplerinvoicing SIDN. He takes over most of the tasks of Jan Jaap Nienhuis. Roel is well known in the Simplerinvoicing field. Until 2010 he had his own eInvoicing business and at the start of Simplerinvoicing Roel was a member of the Supervisory Board (SB).

The main tasks of Roel include policy support, preparation of meetings and the like, program management and onboarding of new participants. Roel is also responsible for the Simplerinvoicing team at SIDN. When it comes to supporting participants in technical matters concerning the connection to the Simplerinvoicing network Rik Ribbers stays the contact person. Kolette Visser continues being the contact person for all other support questions from participants.

Jaap Jan stopped working for SIDN by January 1, 2017 and therefore no longer works for the Simplerinvoicing Foundation. He continues his Simplerinvoicing adventure at Simplerinvoicing participant Tradeinterop. Jaap Jan has played an important role for Simplerinvoicing and for SIDN. We are grateful for his dedication, commitment and valuable contribution.

We wish Roel and Jaap Jan success in their new challenge!


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