27 March: workshop ‘Simplerinvoicing Access Point in 4 hours’ for developers

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Simplerinvoicing is a trust framework that enables secure and reliable exchange of e-invoices and other documents amongst ERP, accounting and e-invoicing service providers. Simplerinvoicing is one of the two channels suppliers to the government can use to send e-invoices to the government from 2017 onward. Participating in Simplerinvoicing requires that you implement PEPPOL as the transport infrastructure. But how to do that?

In our workshop: ‘Simplerinvoicing Access Point in 4 hours’ software engineers, programmers and the Simplerinvoicing Tech support team meet together, and you will be able to leave the session with a working PEPPOL Access Point Implementation on your laptop (based on test certificates, not live).

Date: Monday 27 March 2017, 12.30 – 16.00 h (incl. lunch)
Location: SIDN Office, Meander 501, Arnhem

During the session you will learn:
• How to configure a Tomcat webserver to set it up for installing an Access Point
• How to download the Oxalis Opensource component, compile it and deploy it on the system
• What certificates are required and how to install a certificate
• How to operate the oxalis component to send and receive files

Joining the workshop requires the following:
• You have expertise in Java development, linux (preferably), Tomcat webserver, github
• You have a working laptop with internet (wifi) connectivity
• You have VirtualBox installed on your laptop (We make use of a VirtualBox image in order to start quickly)
• You have the proper rights to compile, install and run software on your device

Participation is free. The number of places is limited. If you are interested, register by sending an email to info@simplerinvoicing.org. You will receive a confirmation email. The workshop will be held in English.