Workshop ‘Simplerinvoicing Access Point in 4 hours’ for developers

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Simplerinvoicing is a trust framework that enables secure and reliable exchange of e-invoices and other documents amongst ERP, accounting and e-invoicing service providers. Simplerinvoicing is one of the two channels suppliers to the government can use to send e-invoices to the government from 2017 onward. Participating in Simplerinvoicing requires that you implement PEPPOL as the transport infrastructure. But how to do that?

In our workshop: ‘Simplerinvoicing Access Point in 4 hours’ software engineers, programmers and the Simplerinvoicing Tech support team meet together, and you will be able to leave the session with a working PEPPOL Access Point Implementation on your laptop (based on test certificates, not live).

Date: 15 november 2016, 13.00 – 18.00 h (incl. drinks + snacks)
Location: SIDN Office, Meander 501, Arnhem

During the session you will learn:
• How to configure a Tomcat webserver to set it up for installing an Access Point
• How to download the Oxalis Opensource component, compile it and deploy it on the system
• What certificates are required and how to install a certificate
• How to operate the oxalis component to send and receive files

Joining the workshop requires the following:
• You have expertise in Java development, linux (preferably), Tomcat webserver, github
• You can run Linux (or install a Linux virtual machine)
• You have the proper rights to compile, install and run software on your device
• You have a working laptop with internet (wifi) connectivity

Participation is free. The number of places is limited. If you are interested, register by sending an email to You will receive a confirmation email. The workshop will be held in English.