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RADARviaeVerbinding_HvdBRADAR software is based in The Hague, The Netherlands, and provides CRM software for accountants and other financial service providers. The software controls include CRM, time tracking and invoicing. Recently it has become possible to send fully electronic invoices with RADAR. From the RADAR package, the accountant can send an invoice in the Simplerinvoicing format directly to the administration of his client. For this RADAR collaborates with Simplerinvoicing-participant eVerbinding. Harrie van den Bersselaar is co-owner and founder of RADAR software. He explains why RADAR supports electronic invoicing with Simplerinvoicing, how the implementation went for them and what his vision is on the future and the role of financial service providers.

“I expect a substantial growth in e-invoicing in which financial professionals play an important role. Scan and recognition software will disappear eventually. Companies often look first to their advisor to identify such developments.”


Read the full interview (pdf, Dutch)