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Accountants and advisors pioneering role in e-invoicing

Van Velzen accountants and advisors opted for e-invoicing with the Simplerinvoicing standard via eVerbinding. In the view of Barry van Leeuwen, accountant at Van Velzen, accountants and other financial service providers fulfill a pioneering role “By implementing e-invoicing ourselves we show others that it works. You can then simply make an offer to your client for enabling e-invoicing also for his other relations. This way you help him improve his billing process and offer added value through specific advice.
After the introduction in late 2015, we found that 95% of our clients could successfully process e-invoices. The vast majority did not notice the transition and responded positively.”

Read the full interview (Dutch)

Simplerinvoicing for accountants

At this moment 12 accountants are making use of Simplerinvoicing for receiving their invoices fully electronically. These accountants use one of the e-invoicing service providers from the Simplerinvoicing network. E-invoicing enables them to cut back in the administration costs for their customers.

Are you an accountant and do you want to send of receive your e-invoices with the Simplerinvoicing standard? Then take a look at the overview of Simplerinvoicing e-invoicing service providers. These service providers can help you with the sending and/or receiving of e-invoices and the electronic processing of e-invoices into your accounting software.

Simplerinvoicing-session at Invoice Conference

During the Dutch Invoice Conference ‘Factuurcongres 2016′ on April 14 Jaap Jan Nienhuis of Simplerinvoicing talks about the importance of trust frameworks to gain mass adoption of e-invoicing. The session provides a glimpse into the future of e-invoicing through open platforms where invoices are freely exchanged between e-billing software, ERP software and accounting software. In addition, a number of Simplerinvoicing service providers have reserved a spot on the networking square. We hope to see you at our session or at the exhibition stands of our Simplerinvoicing service providers.

Simplerinvoicing at iBoard Conference 2016

E-invoicing is breaking through. Governments have to e-invoice. What can we learn from a leader in healthcare?

During the Dutch conference iBestuur (iBoard) on January 20 2016, TriviumMeulenbeltZorg shed light on their experience with the transition to e-invoicing and on the results. By implementing e-invoicing with the Simplerinvoicing standard TMZ can handle 70,000 incoming invoices per year with only one FTE. Therfore, the percentage of overhead of TMZ is only 6.7% which is significantly below the industry average of 12 to 13%.

Read the complete story of TMZ (Dutch)

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