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iBestuur Congres 2016Simplerinvoicing case on program iBoard Conference 2016

E-invoicing is breaking through. Governments have to e-invoice. What can we learn from a leader in healthcare?

Erwin Suthof, head of personnel and salary administration TriviumMeulenbeltZorg (TMZ) speaks on January 20, 2016 during the Dutch congress ‘iBestuur’ (iBoard) about their transition to e-invoicing. Administrative and organizational aspects will be passed, but also strategic choices and specific approach.

Read the complete case of TMZ (Dutch)

150901 e-factuur GemeentesRoadmap e-invoicing for municipalities

Simplerinvoicing works closely with the Quality Institute Dutch Municipalities (KING) to help municipalities get started with e-invoicing. Simplerinvoicing has organized a session in which a roadmap is shared with municipalities on how they can come from vision to realization of e-invoicing.

Download the presentation (Dutch)

Simplerinvoicing at Annual Conference151119-ECP-Jaarcongres-stand-Simplerinvoicing-tmb

Simplerinvoicing stood on the ECP annual conference with its own stand. An inspiring day with the theme “the heart of digitalization.” Simplerinvoicing is theme that fits well, because digitization is also the joining of ERP, accounting and e-billing software. Visitors could see how easy is is to make and send an e-invoice in one system and how it was booked – within a minute – in a different accounting system.

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