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Simplerinvoicing newsletter November 2015
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Visma Account View live with Simplerinvoicing

Visma Accountview joined the Simplerinvoicing network. This makes it for customers of Visma and AccountView possible to send electronic invoices to and receive from other parties who use Simplerinvoicing.
For accountants Visma Accountview  already had a Simplerinvoicing clutch in combination with eVerbinding. The direct link that Visma AccountView now has with Simplerinvoicing enables business customers to benefit of e-invoicing.
In the coming months the functionality, known as Visma AutoInvoice, will also be made available for the next Visma products: Visma eAccounting, Financials,  VismaMamut and Visma Severa.

Demo Simplerinvoicing at Annual ECP Conference on November 19

How does Simplerinvoicing really works? That’s a question we often hear. During the Annual ECP Conference tomorrow we show how Simplerinvoicing causes an e-invoice from one system appears seconds later in the other system.

The ECP annual conference is for professionals from government, industry, academia and other organizations. This year’s theme: ‘At the heart of digitalization!’ It is entirely dedicated to the latest developments and innovations in the information society. Topics such as Internet security, big data, 3D printing, eHealth, robotics, eID, internet standards, but also ethical and social issues are discussed in this context. Simplerinvoicing can be found on the booth of SIDN on the network square in the heart of the Fokker Terminal, The Hague.

Exact Online: early start with e-invoicing

Exact sees e-invoicing as the future and has therefore been actively involved from the beginning. Exact Online was at the end of 2014 the first ERP system that offered e-invoicing. Currently 38,000 e-invoices are being sent by Exact Online each month. More than 30,000 companies receive monthly via Exact Online one or more UBL invoices. Exact sees the UBL standard of Simplerinvoicing as the future standard for e-invoicing in Europe and is therefore closely involved in the development and adoption of this standard. We interviewed Thijs Sauer, Sr. Product Marketing Manager Netherlands at Exact about his vision on e-invoicing and the benefits for entrepreneurs and accountants. Read the interview (Dutch)…
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