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Simplerinvoicing newsletter October 2015
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Case study: value Simplerinvoicing for accountants

Accountancy and tax consultancy Lansigt is one of the first firms to opt for fully electronic invoice processing – and the switch has been a great success. Machiel Roos, Team Leader Finance and Control at Lansigt, is responsible for the firm’s invoicing process.
He believes einvoicing is a crucial trend for the future that administration offices cannot ignore. Read more…

Exchange Summit 2015 – Barcelona

5 and 6 october the yearly congres for einvoicing providers and ERP-software in Europe (Exchange Summit) took place in Barcelona. De most important takeaways were:
  • Einvoicing is a means for a greater cause: innovative new services are possible when einvoicing is a succes. Dynamic discounting and Supply Chain Finance are merely the first examples of this.
  • The development of a European standard for einvoicing is going well. This new on UBL 2.1based standard wil be available mid 2017. Simplerinvoicing will embrace this new standard when it is available. Until then we will keep working with SI-UBL, a standard that is almost completely equal to this European standard.
  • The European association of einvoicing service providers (EESPA) showed that the number of einvoices in Europe has increased with 17 % in the last year.

Energy eInvoice and Simplerinvoicing join forces on standard for e-invoicing

Dutch energy companies have recently been working together to define a standard electronic invoice. The idea was to come up with a standard aligned as closely as possible with other initiatives in the field. The consortium therefore decided on an XML-based exchange format for compatibility with Simplerinvoicing’s UBL standard. Alignment makes electronic processing of energy bills much easier for business users. The new standard also ensures that every energy e-invoice includes all the information that businesses need. Read more…

Union of  Water Boards: einvoicing meeting

It’s not just the central governments and municipalities that are obligated to do einvoicing as of October 2015. Other government agencies – like water boards – are required to do the same. Therefore the Union of Water Boards organized a meeting to inform the water boards about the steps they need to take. Simplerinvoicing attended the meeting to give more information on the option for the water boards.
Key takeaways were:
  • Einvoicing is inevitable. There is no reason to wait.
  • De obligation is approaching. As of next year einvoicing needs to be enforced via the general conditions.
  • Implementation of einvoicing can be realized quickly. SI-UBL is a format that is supported by most financial administrations as an XML-format. Organizations that currently do not support SI-UBL are expected to follow soon.
  • A number of water boards will start einvoicing. They will share their experiences with the other water boards at the beginning of 2016.
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