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Simplerinvoicing newsletter July 2015
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AFAS supports Simplerinvoicing FULL

AFAS, provider of accounting software, offers her customers e-invoicing via Simplerinvoicing FULL. Users of AFAS software are now able to send and receive e-invoices directly from their accounting software to any other users in the Simplerinvoicing network.
AFAS uses eVerbinding to connect to the Simplerinvoicing network. Read more

Case study TriviumMeulenbeltZorg & Simplerinvoicing

TriviumMeulenbeltZorg (TMZ) is connected to Simplerinvoicing via Proquro. As a result they now receive more electronic invoices which can be processed automatically. Meanwhile, 80% of all their incoming invoices are coming in electronically. Read more (Dutch)…

European Commission now hosting ‘PEPPOL directory (SML)’

The European Commissue (DG DIGIT) has taken over the hosting of the SML: an important part of the PEPPOL infrastructure that acts as a ‘directory’ in the network.
The acquisition of the SML by the European Commission marks an important milestone in the maturity of PEPPOL, the transport protocol under Simplerinvoicing and other networks, such as in Denmark and Norway. Read more …

Simplerinvoicing webinar for municipalities

The Simplerinvoicing Foundation organizes a webinar on how municipalities and authorities can be successfully with e-invoicing The webinar takes place on Tuesday, september 1. The webinar is intended for officials who lead purchasing or ICT and are responsible for e-invoicing.
Speaker is Jaap Jan Nienhuis, project leader Simplerinvoicing.
Date: september 1, 2015, 09:30-10:30

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