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From now eVerbinding is available in AFAS software. Product Manager Henk van der Schuur explains: “We noticed a need from our customers for the support of eVerbinding. Especially with accountants and accounting firms, which usually have to handle many invoices. Therefor we now provide the ability to send and receive both outbound and inbound e-invoices via eVerbinding. ”

The e-invoice is still generated fully automatically in UBL2.1 format, but can now be provided not only by email but also through eVerbinding. eVerbinding will register the company on the e-invoicing network PEPPOL, allowing the company to be reachable to anyone who sends e-invoices. Through eVerbinding invoices in the AFAS software can be delivered and processed, also from other software vendors and e-invoicing service providers.

Working with eVerbinding has a number of other benefits such as an extra layer of security, and a UBL viewer that can eliminate the need for the PDF file in the long term. It is also possible to give a mandate to the intermediary (such as an accountant) so that the intermediary can directly receive a copy in its own administration.

Electronic invoicing should be as easy for the user as possible. For this reason, eVerbinding is fully integrated into the AFAS software. After a simple activation, the user can immediately start with the eVerbinding platform. Electronic invoices from suppliers or to customers are then automatically read into the records via the eVerbinding platform. AFAS clients who use the connection, will pay eVerbinding via a prepaid model.

To make e-invoicing easier and more accessible AFAS supports Simplerinvoicing. This means you can share both the purchase invoices and sales invoices via secure e-invoicing networks such as PEPPOL. Want to know more?  See

About eVerbinding
eVerbinding is a platform for secure electronic exchange of financial documents for SMEs via secure e-invoicing networks. eVerbinding offers SMEs real machine-to-machine e-invoicing from their own software program. All types of invoices automatically come in via one flow into the administration: from PDF to real e-invoice. The invoice is ready for processing without the risk of input and / or recognition errors. More information can be found on

About Simplerinvoicing
Simplerinvoicing is a collaboration between leading European e-invoicing and accounting software providers that strive for mass adoption of e-invoicing. Interoperability and standardization are key to achieve this goal. Anachron Basware, eVerbinding, Exact, Moneybird, PostNL, Ricoh Netherlands, TIE Kinetix, Tieto and ZET Solutions are the founding members of Simplerinvoicing and have been involved from the very beginning. On behalf of the Dutch government Logius participates in the initiative, which makes the government also accessible through the Simplerinvoicing network. The Ministry of Economic Affairs supported Simplerinvoicing active because electronic invoicing is high on the policy agenda of both The Netherlands as the European Union..

More information
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