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Simplerinvoicing newsletter July 2015
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Saxenburgh successful with Simplerinvoicing

Saxenburgh Group is a healthcare group in eastern Netherlands with 30,000 invoices per year and 1,000 suppliers. With a successful implementation of Simplerinvoicing Saxenburgh has realized major savings. Read more …

Pagero joins Simplerinvoicing

Pagero, a European e-invoicing service provider with headquarters in Sweden, has joined the Simplerinvoicing network. With joining Simplerinvoicing Pagero can send invoices to and receive from the Simplerinvoicing network. Pagero expects to offer Simplerinvoicing services to their customers from September 2015. Read more …

More and more software supports the Simplerinvoicing UBL format

An increasing number of ERP and Accounting software packages are implementing the Simplerinvoicing UBL format (SI LITE). This means that e-invoices can be exchanged between them and e-invoices can be processed without retyping and scanning. The adoption of SI-LITE is coordinated by the UBL-chain test initiative. Read more …

Read more about the difference between SI LITE and SI FULL

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