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Amsterdam 9 December 2014 – All users of Exact Online can now send and receive invoices via the Simplerinvoicing network. This means that more than ten thousand entrepreneurs and accountants can now send and receive their invoices directly, without (re)typing them into their records.

Since 2008 Exact supports electronic invoicing with Exact Online and is now further expanding with Simplerinvoicing. Joining Simplerinvoicing ensures that invoices are received directly in Exact Online without the need for manually entry. This reduces the number of errors when processing invoices in other accounting software. Also, it is easier to find debtors and reduce     the risk of receiving invoices from non-traceable senders. Additionally, Exact Online users can now also directly send invoices electronically via Simplerinvoicing to their customers.

Cooperation with eVerbinding
Exact realizes the Simplerinvoicing network connection through a partnership with eVerbinding, one of the participants of the Simplerinvoicing network. Exact users can activate the eVerbinding app in the Exact Online App Centre. eVerbinding focuses on linking accounting systems to Simplerinvoicing network. This makes it possible to send and receive electronic invoices via Simplerinvoicing.

Simplerinvoicing:  the safe exchange network for invoices
Simplerinvoicing is a collaboration between leading European e-invoicing and accounting software providers, who all strive for mass adoption of e-invoicing by interoperability and standardization. The following parties are involved from the very beginning: AcceptEmail, Anachron, Basware, BlueM, eVerbinding, Exact, Moneybird, PostNL, Ricoh Netherlands, TIE Kinetix, Tieto, Unit4, and ZET Solutions. On behalf of the government Logius participates in the initiative, so that the government is accessible via the Simplerinvoicing network. The Ministry of Economic Affairs actively supports Simplerinvoicing as electronic invoicing is high on both the Dutch and the European policy agenda.

“As one of the founders of Simplerinvoicing Exact is pleased that our customers are now able to even better experience the benefits of electronic invoicing,” said Sebastiaan de Jong, Director of Business Solutions at Exact. “E-invoicing is now as easy as emailing and calling. This will save our customers lots of time and money. ”

“The connection with Exact is an important milestone for the Simplerinvoicing network”, says Bram Kuijper, Sales Director Partner Sales at Basware and chairman of the Simplerinvoicing network. “We see that in 2015 more parties will become active on the network, further increasing the value for senders and receivers and making e-invoicing more and more common”

“The activation of Exact in the Simplerinvoicing network shows that the industry finds mutual cooperation essential to promote and stimulate electronic invoicing in the Netherlands and abroad,” says Jan Julianus, senior policy advisor at the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Do you use Exact Online and want to start with electronic invoicing? eVerbinding is now available in the Exact Online App Centre. In order to start e-invoicing via Simplerinvoicing follow these steps:

  1. Create a free account on (
  2. Use the wizard to link your account Exact administration to your eVerbinding account.
  3. If the link is established, your suppliers are automatically informed that you can be reached via Simplerinvoicing, and that they can use their own provider to send electronic invoices to you.
  4. You can now start sending electronic invoices to your clients.

More information
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