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Coevorden, September 24, 2014

Electronic invoicing is getting more and more accepted in the Netherlands. From May till 24th September Gerard Bottemanne (GBNED) and Marcel Wiedenbrugge (WCMConsult) have extensively documented the current supply of software solutions and services in the field of electronic invoicing in the Netherlands. The result of this cooperation is a more than 200-pages independent report called “The complete guide Electronic invoicing 2015” (written in Dutch only).  In chapter 2, page 16 Simplerinvoicing is discussed.

The aim of this report is provide a near complete overview of e-invoicing software solutions and services that are available on the Dutch market. To position this software correctly commonly used terms and standards are explained. The report also addresses legislation and the quality mark “keurmerk E-factureren”. The process of procurement to payment (purchase/procure to pay) in connection with electronic invoicing is described, as well as how e-invoicing relates to scanning and recognition of booking documents and RGS (Reference Ledger Scheme). Experts on electronic invoicing, such as Friso de Jong, Fred Blommestein and Peter Potgieser also contributed to this report with dedicated articles.

Insight into software solutions and services with regard to electronic invoicing covers most of the report, broken down into:

1.       Online Electronic invoicing;

2.       Electronic invoicing and invoice processing;

3.       Accounting systems with electronic invoicing;

4.       E-invoicing services and tools;

5.       E-invoicing consulting and implementation partners.

This report is intended for anyone who deals with electronic invoicing or considers to work with electronic invoicing.

The report “The complete guide Electronic invoicing 2015” (in Dutch only) can be downloaded free of charge via