A major leap forward for Simplerinvoicing: the Simplerinvoicing Foundation is live

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Simplerinvoicing: inclusive e-invoicing for everyone 

Started in November 2013, Simplerinvoicing is the first network that enables businesses, governments and consumers to send and receive e-invoices via their own software or service providers, such as ERP, Accounting software or e-invoicing service provider. Simplerinvoicing entails a set of standards and rules that enable participants to interact with each other by adhering to a single message standard for sending and receiving e-invoices and a single contractual framework governing this interaction. Today different parties are able to send and receive e-invoices through Simplerinvoicing, including Anachron, Basware, Tie Kinetix and e-Verbinding. The Dutch government is also reachable through the Simplerinvoicing network. Many other parties are currently implementing and are expected to join in Q1 2014.

The Simplerinvoicing Foundation

Simplerinvoicing takes a major next step towards maturity: as of February 2014 the Simplerinvoicing Foundation manages the Simplerinvoicing network.

The objective of the Foundation is to stimulate the adoption of e-invoicing across Europe. For this purpose, it maintains the Simplerinvoicing scheme that fosters interoperability between participating e-invoicing service providers, ERP and accounting software providers.

The establishment of the Foundation is a major step forward in ensuring the sustainability of Simplerinvoicing as it paves the way towards large-scale adoption of Simplerinvoicing. The role of the Foundation is to maintain the Simplerinvoicing scheme specifications, develop new functionality, facilitate seamless onboarding of Participants and Trading Entities and oversee adherence of participants to the Simplerinvoicing scheme rules.

Focus on extending the reach

The key priority for 2014 of the Simplerinvoicing Foundation is to make Simplerinvoicing available to every consumer, business, and government institution so that everyone can send and receive e-invoices in a simple manner and do business with each other in a fully electronic way through their own software or service provider. To realize this Simplerinvoicing should be made available in key e-invoicing, ERP and accounting software offered today.

For participation in Simplerinvoicing please contact info@simplerinvoicing.org or go to http://www.simplerinvoicing.org/i-am-a-service-provider/join-as-participant/