Simplerinvoicing: officially launched @ ECP Annual Conference 14 November

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Simplerinvoicing has officially been launched at the ECP Annual Conference on November 14th 2013! Simplerinvoicing was introduced to the general public through a ‘tweet’ of Bertholt Leeftink – Director General of Enterprise and Innovation, Ministry of Economic Affairs.


Simplerinvoicing is a network of thirteen ERP / accounting software and e-invoicing providers that share a common goal, i.e. mass adoption of e-invoicing. The mission for Simplerinvoicing is to make e-invoicing available and easily accessible for everyone, especially Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs). To realize this mission, three key principles are embraced by Simplerinvoicing


1. Inclusive: support all invoice flows, i.e. corporate, government, SME and consumer flows.

2. Freedom of choice: invoice sender and receiver should be able to use trusted software and services they already use today for their financial administration. This means that Simplerinvoicing should be available in ERP / accounting software and easily integrated with the systems of billing service providers, e-invoicing service providers and banks.

3. Simplicity: sending invoices via Simplerinvoicing enables senders to book invoices directly into the system of its client in a secure and easy manner.

Service providers that want to offer Simplerinvoicing to their clients can do this through two propositions that differ in the added value they offer to clients:

1. Simplerinvoicing LITE™ enables service providers to send and receive invoices and exchange these via email (accompanied with PDF invoice) with their clients.

2. Simplerinvoicing FULL™ enables service providers to send and receive invoices via a secure infrastructure, providing the tools to guarantee authenticity and integrity (required by some buyers).

The official launch of Simplerinvoicing was a milestone achievement for the participants that have embraced the key principles, as Simplerinvoicing is set to fundamentally change and challenge existing e-invoicing practices. Today, Simplerinvoicing FULL™ is offered by Anachron, Basware, E-verbinding and TIE Kinetix to their clients. Simplerinvoicing FULL™ will also soon be offered by Bluem, Moneybird, ZET Solutions and InvoiceSharing, while Exact and AFAS are getting ready to offer Simplerinvoicing LITE™ in the near future.

The current participants of Simplerinvoicing are paving the way for mass adoption of e-invoicing. Many service providers have showed interest in joining the Simplerinvoicing network and in 2014 we expect to add at least 15 Participants to the list of SimplerInvoicing providers. The ambition for 2014 is to enable forty percent of the Dutch market to send and receive e-invoices through Simplerinvoicing. In order to realize this, your participation is of utmost importance. Interested market parties are requested to contact us via:!