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Simplerinvoicing set for launch on 7 October 2013

Simplerinvoicing is proud to announce that it has conducted a successful pilot and that it is preparing to go live in the coming weeks.

When a group of 13 frontunners of e-invoicing launched the Simplerinvoicing initiative on 1 January 2013, a clear vision has been projected: making electronic invoicing available for anybody! Just like electricity, water, telephony, internet and email, we want any individual or any company, regardless of size, industry and sector to be able to push a button and send an electronic invoice to anyone. Even if the receiver does not use ERP / accounting software or an e-invoicing service.

During the first 6 months of 2013 Simplerinvoicing defined a scheme that enables this level of simplicity. It enables companies that already established a footprint in the invoicing process of (micro) SME, corporates and governments, including major accounting solutions and e-invoicing providers, to send invoices to each other’s customers. In other words: every SME can use its own solution to send e-invoices to any other party that offers the Simplerinvoicing brand, including governments.

The Simplerinvoicing 4-corner model

Just like the success of email is due to innovations such as Google mail, Yahoo and iCloud, all communicating with each other via SMTP, Simplerinvoicing makes use of the innovative power and the unique value propositions of accounting software and e-invoicing services, communicating through the Simplerinvoicing protocol.

The front-running companies share the common ambitions of Simplerinvoicing and understand the sheer benefits of sharing their collective networks. They will continue to develop innovative services on top of Simplerinvoicing and they will further advance the Simplerinvoicing experience for their clients: consumers, SME’s and corporates that exchange invoices.

This sunrise phase for Simplerinvoicing requires a new approach in involving the community in the discussion. The website is the first move for this. In the coming months you will hear more and more about Simplerinvoicing and we will keep you informed on the initiative and how it will accelerate the adoption of e-invoicing.

Simplerinvoicing has just started. It is committed to its ambition of mass-adoption of e-invoicing in Europe. Its focus for 2014 is:

  1. Connection senders and receivers to the network, including consumers
  2. Rolling out Simplerinvoicing towards the majority of ERP / Accounting Software & e-invoicing services.
  3. Addition of new functionalities to the Simplerinvoicing scheme.

Simplerinvoicing is now open for participation. If you want to become part of the future of e-invoicing and you would like to join, feel free to contact us: