SRA endorses Simplerinvoicing

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Tony van Oorschot, informationmanager at SRA (Samenwerkende Registeraccountants en Accountants-Administratieconsulenten), presented Simplerinvoicing during a conference of the knowledge platform administrative software at the Factuurcongres 2013.

In this informative session more information was provided on the impact of Simplerinvoicing on the current Dutch invoicing landscape. In addition, more insight was given on what Simplerinvoicing exactly entails and how the organization and planning of the design phase looks like in which 14 e-invoicing and accounting software providers are involved. The session was concluded by indicating which market parties are eligible to join Simplerinvoicing as a participant in a later stadium of the project (i.e. after the design phase).

130411 Presentation Simplerinvoicing_Invoicecongres 2013

130411 Presentation Simplerinvoicing_invoicecongres 2013 – Marco Pastors