Simplerinvoicing Explained, Baarn September 26

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Innopay has been invited to present the developments of Simplerinvoicing at Kennisplatform AS en XML Platform. In this session, Jaap Jan Nienhuis will explain the results of the Simplerinvoicing pilot, and the benefits Simplerinvoicing can brings to ERP accounting software, e-invoicing service providers and other parties, including banks, and ultimately their clients: parties that send and receive invoices.

The market for e-invoicing is set for the next phase now that the e-invoicing and accounting software providers have decided to join hands in the Simplerinvoicing initiative. As from 2013, invoices can be sent and received from everyone in the Simplerinvoicing network all the same easy way, based on open international standards. Whether you are a small or large business, consumer or government, you can send and receive invoices in your accounting software, corporate ERP environment or even in your email.